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We remember hanging on The Yard or walking around The Quad like it was yesterday. We ran for Miss Sophomore and pledged the same year. Our Probate show was in the back-of-the-campus at the Spring picnic. Registration may have taken weeks (sometimes ½ the semester) but once we were ‘in-school’, we ‘dressed’ for class and The Union was cool but, the scene was in front of the College of Business or Engineering building. Now, if we’re lucky, once or twice a year we get to see our ‘Day-Ones’, the ‘real ones’ – the ones we walked from the dorm to ‘cafe’ with every day or, split a 3-piece ‘wings-on-wheat’ with at least once a week. The ones we Road-Tripped with, Rolled-out with or Rolled-up with. We get to see them at Homecoming or at The Classic – you know, those weekends when we kick it or just kick back. The weekends when it all comes back. The memories. The laughs. The lies. Sharing ‘that ol spirit’ connects us – whether we happened to be on the same campus or not. We’re familiar and better than that, we’re family. From Freshman Seminar 101 to graduation…it’s in us. Our HBCU pride. Some people just wouldn’t understand. Our children hear about it and, if we raised them right, they’ve seen it firsthand. Some of our children are experiencing it right now so they are continuing that same tradition. Our children know their aunties and uncles from here - this is the village. THIS is ‘fam’

She’s a modern, contemporary woman but, she appreciates tradition and she’s old school – for real, for real! Very popular in college but she didn’t peak there. She pledged undergrad and/or she danced or cheered. She loves sports… AND she probably understands more than you think. She’s a career woman but her most important job is mother. Her children are damn-near grown or maybe she got started late; maybe she’s still single and decided her path is the career thing. She has her own style and she owns it. She knows what she likes. She’s a grown-ass woman but she’s also Your Girl! And, she get it from her mama! She has sophisticated tastes – especially with what she wears. Her clothes are on-trend but not trendy; fashionable, not faddish. She moves easily from errands to brunch to happy hour to dinner. Her style is elegantly, chic and a little edgy – at the same time, comfortably sexy. On gameday, she can tailgate all morning and easily transition to the VIP suites or just as easily visit the student section to say hello to her son’s girlfriend.

“Your mom is bad AF! She always brings her A-game.”

On that one weekend a year OR when she just wants to represent her tribe; when it comes to the look she wants – that look is impossible to find. On game-day, she wants more than what everyone else has on that they got from the bookstore or ordered on Amazon. She wants luxury in her HBCU colors. She wants to have fun and look good doing it. It’s who she is; now, it’s also what she has on!

We need our Squad to know we get it, we get them. Our brand & our brand identity should communicate this experience.

Not only are The Squad in tuned with their look more than their younger and their general-market counterparts, they’re highly involved in shopping around to find exactly what they want. They will also share it with their girlfriends, The Girl Friends and their sister-friends, their line-sisters and Links sisters, their travel groups and book clubs. We recognize their connection with their own distinctiveness and by delivering an innovative, unique product; we will let them know that we are committed to providing quality that will stand the test of time while, at the same time giving our squad the latest in upscale fashion.

Twenty years ago, a bond began between two ‘Southern Girls’ in the most unlikely of places – the Cream City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. But it was their love for two New Orleans born guys, their deep-south roots, their affinity for good food mixed with good music, and their love of “that ol’ HBCU spirit” that led to a deeper connection and blossomed into a true friendship. Each an alumna of rival HBCUs, Jackson State University and Southern University; one an Alumni Jaysette, the other an Alumni Cheerleader – both with fond memories of their college years and very happy at this stage of their lives. They went from collaborators to confidantes, allies to accomplices. Today, they are also business partners. 
“Our school spirit, our love for fashion and for all HBCUs inspired us to create Spirited 101. We believe in building a collection and a brand that is insightful, thoughtful and inclusive of black women and makes them feel comfortable, confident and seen! We are mothers, wives, entrepreneurs, girlfriends— we are our customer. Our motto: Look good, feel good, and “Do Whatcha Wanna”. We are Soul Sisters! We are all sisters-in-spirit!”

Marci & Stephanie

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